Kudos & Credits

1975OmahaTornado.org would not be possible if it were not for the many contributions (some unknowingly, I'll admit) to this site. However, I do not want to take credit for anything other than compiling all the information into one location.

Many thanks to:

I kindly borrowed a color photo from this site.

Cindy (Mau) Gottsch
Thank you, Cindy, for your time and providing and trusting me with your story, your pictures, and your newspaper article. You really have made a wonderful contribution to the site!

Dan Vogel
Thank you, Dan, for your time and providing and trusting me with your story, your pictures, and your home movie. You really have made a great contribution to the site!

Garmin Map Source
The use of this software allowed me to create the path of the tornado overlayed onto the detailed map.

Google Maps
Technology is awesome!  I was able to create the tornado path overlay along with points of interest!  This really boosted the site!

Harry Hayden
Thank you, Uncle, for having my family and I to your home the summer of 2004 and for sharing your story and inspiring me to create this site. This is a tribute to you and your high spirit.  May you rest in peace.

Jeff Hanusa
Thank you, Jeff, for contributing your writing and artistic talents. They really add to the site!

KETV Channel 7
Finally some footage of the actual tornado! Thanks guys!

National Weather Service Central Region Headquarters
I kindly borrowed the damage photos from this site.

Omaha World Herald
I kindly borrowed the story and some photos from their newspaper.

Paramount Technology
After scanning the entire 50 pages of the Disaster Response: The 1975 Omaha Tornado booklet, and then returning it to Dan in Omaha, my hard drive crashed. It was complete operating system failure. Paramount Technology spent 8+ hours retrieving the data for me at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Thanks, guys! I would have hated to have to ask Dan to send the 30-year-old booklet again.

William Gottsch
This was my first contact. After contacting Bill, he contacted Cindy, who then contacted me. Thank you for your help. As a restult, the site has and continues to grow into a wealth of information.