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The information and photos within these pages were extracted from a 1977 report published by the City of Omaha's Public Works Department entitled Disaster Response: The 1975 Omaha Tornado.

The report has been reproduced in its entirety, however, the page and photo layout has been altered to better suit the format of these web pages.


Some pages contain thumbnails, such as this one of the cover of the booklet. Simply click on any thumbnail to see its larger version, which will open in a separate window.


The next page contains the Acknowledgments. Following the Acknowledgments Page is the Contents Page. Use this page to jump to specific locations within the report. These pages will open in a new window. Once they the new window is open, you may use Previous and Next links. These will take you to the previous or next page of the report, respectively. They will not act as the Back and Forward buttons as they do on your browser.

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