Dan's Photos (11 Photos) - Dan's Story - Dan's Home Movie

1. What Dan and his family saw as they came up from the basement after the tornado.
2. Dan's kitchen after the tornado.
3. Dan's living room after the tornado.
4. Dan's bedroom on the north side of the house after the tornado.
5. Dan's parent's bedroom after the tornado. Notice the clock stopped at 4:47pm.
6. The family's '69 Chevy ended up in neighbor Rita's yard to the north. Dan's house is in the background.
7. Neighbor Linda's car being pulled out of the basement of the Mau's house.
8. View of house between Dan's and the Mua's houses, looking north east.
9. Looking east, this is a view from Dan's backyard. Iris Loneman's house (2040 N 70th St) is in the background. The black pole in the center of the photo is the bent-over basketball hoop.
10. Looking south from Grant Street into the Dan's and the Mau's backyards.
11. Looking north east toward N. 70th Street and Grant Street from Dan's backyard.